Share Your 50th Anniversary Memories With Us


50 Years of British Cycling - Share Your Memories With Us

This year British Cycling celebrates 50 years as the National Governing Body for Cycling in Britain. To mark this historic occasion and to celebrate the sport and the people that make it happen, we are looking back at the past five decades of cycling on our website.

Share Your Memories

Cycle sport has changed hugely over the last 50 years - not least with the advent of BMX and Mountain Biking in all its diverse forms - and we have seen many great rides by British cycling stars. Now we want to hear about your favourite cycling memories of the era.Tell us about those stand-out moments that you'll never forget, whether they are outstanding performances by British riders, or personal moments from your own cycling life.

To share your memories - and images - send them to and we will publish the best of them here on our website. To browse the memoreis already submitted, simply click on the Your Memories button.